Frequently Asked Questions

A bit about us…

Cake Warehouse has been running since 2011, and currently is made up of a team of 3. Kirstin and Dave are the owners, and Stephanie is our warehouse staff member who packs most of your parcels.

Where is your store?

While we are based in the Manawatu, Cake Warehouse is an online only store. We made the decision early on to focus on keeping prices as low as possible and shipping out orders quickly, so it makes sense for us to focus on doing our one thing well. Sorry Aucklanders, we are too far to pop in!

Can I Click and Collect?

Yes! We have started to offer click and collect for Manawatu locals. You can pick up from our warehouse in Feilding - please check out as usual and we will send you details about collection when your order is ready to be picked up.

When will I receive my order?

You can see all our shipping details here, but as a quick overview: most of our orders have a target delivery of overnight once we send them, some South Island addresses are 2 days. Don’t forget that rural deliveries might be a bit slower. Please be sure to check the shipping page for all the information you need including any delays we know about. Custom orders have extra processing time, please make sure to read the description for details.

I've ordered last minute, can I get my order prioritised!?

We don't offer priority shipping, BUT here's why: ALL OF OUR ORDERS ARE PRIORITY. We offer the same service to everyone, and we only send by courier so there is no faster service.

I forgot something, can I add it?

Please email us by replying to your Order Confirmation and we will do our best. Due to the extra time and payment fees involved, we charge $2 per transaction.  If we pack your order before receiving your message, unfortunately you will need to order separately.

If you place multiple orders we can't guarantee to send them together unless we notice them.

Has my order has shipped?

Our courier pick ups are only in the afternoon so you may not receive an update until later in the day. You can log into your account and check for updates at any time if no emails have come through (they may have been stopped by the spam filter).

My order has arrived but there is a problem, how can I get this fixed?

Firstly, we are so sorry if there has been any mistake or damage to your order! It feels pretty stink to let you down. Please reply to your order confirmation email and let us know what has happened. This is better for us than using the contact form because we have all your order details in one place. We will always resolve any issues that are our fault so don't panic.

How are items packaged?

We get this one a lot actually! Some of our items are quite fragile so we do need to use bubble wrap or cardboard to get them to you safely. We buy in bubble wrap made from recycled plastic, which can also be recycled with any soft plastics recycling scheme.

We also reuse packaging that comes to us that is clean, so you may see things like packing peanuts (usually these are starch based and you can dissolve them in your kitchen sink), air filled pockets or boxes that have other labels on them. We don't buy in large plastic packaging, but we will reuse it rather than throw it out.

Our satchels are made from recycled plastic and can be recycled with soft plastics.

Can you get....?

Maybe! If we don't have something you want, or you think there's something we should stock because you love it, just get in touch!  We have new things arriving constantly and we can order especially for you.

How do I contact you?

If you have a question regarding your order, please reply to your Order Confirmation email.

If you've read the above and your question isn't answered, you can use either:

- Use the chat box (the chat icon on the bottom left). We will either be online to answer your question or we will reply back via email as soon as we can


- Send us an email using the contact form